Getting to the Bratislava centre from the Bratislava airport

Under the code “BTS” you can find the Bratislava Milan Rastislav Stefanik Airport. This is the Bratislava's only airport with scheduled passenger flights.

The international arrivals hall offers foreign exchange services, coin and card telephones and a snack bar. The Bratislava Culture and Information Service also provides an information stand at the Airport arrivals hall distributing maps and brochures, as well as the Bratislava City Card with free travel on the city's public transport and a variety of discounts.

The airport is easily accessible from all around the city by taxi and also serviced by bus. It is convenient to the vast majority of Bratislava hotels because it is now connected to the D1 highway, which allows you to reach other parts of the city usually within at most 30 minutes. If travelling in the evening or early morning, you can even reach the airport in under 15 minutes by car or taxi.

Public transport in Bratislava

If you are not in a big hurry you can use public transport to get to and from the airport. There is only one bus line to the downtown, #61, going to the Main Train Station, which then has very good bus and tram connections to most of the city. The bus takes 25 minutes to get to the city. The bus operates at ten minute intervals at peak times and 20-minute intervals off-peak. The full schedule for the Bratislava Airport Bus can be found here The trip to the station requires a 60-minute ticket (0.90 € for adults), which can be purchased either in the welding machines or in newspaper boots using Euro coins. Immediately after entering the public transport vehicle you have to mark your ticket in a marking machine - the machines lock automatically 30 seconds after departure from the stop. Bus drivers do not sell tickets on board so you must purchase the ticket before entering the bus.

BASIC fares:

  15 minutes one-journey ticket   0.70 €
  60 minutes transfer ticket   0.90 €
  60 minutes night transfer ticket   3.30 €
  1 day transfer ticket   4.50 €
  2 days transfer ticket   8.30 €
  3 days transfer ticket   10.00 €
  1 week transfer ticket   15.00 €

Bratislava airport taxis

Radio taxis ordered by telephone on arrival offer rates to the city centre at about 10 – 15 € depending on taxi company and traffic volume. Waiting time for radio taxi usually runs up to 15 minutes.

Taxis at the airport taxi rank charge much higher rates, often over 20 € for a ride to the centre. For taxi phone numbers see Bratislava Taxi information.

We offer a guaranteed Bratislava airport taxi transfer at a special discounted rate of 18 € to hotels in most parts of the city. This service costs slightly more than a radio taxi ordered by telephone, but guarantees you will be met on arrival by the driver, even if your flight is delayed. You can order an airport pick-up using the booking form. You are guaranteed a safe and convenient taxi service from a reliable provider. Taking a taxi waiting at the airport without pre-ordering may be much more expensive.

Taxi service from the centre of Bratislava to the airport may be ordered at 18 €.

Taxi service from Bratislava Airport to the City of Vienna and to the Vienna Airport in Schwechat (VIE) is available using the booking form from 60 €.

  Fun Taxi   +421216777
  Hello Taxi   +421216321
  Profi Taxi   +421216222
  Trend Taxi   +421216302


Getting to the Bratislava centre from the Vienna airport

The Vienna Airport in Schwechat is 40 minutes (64 km/40 miles) drive westwards from Bratislava city centre. The airport is a port of entry for the two closest national capitals in Europe, Vienna and Bratislava, and is served by international airlines. After landing at the airport, you can easily reach Bratislava by a regular bus line operated by EUROLINES. Another option is arranging a transfer by a private limousine or by train to your hotel.


Trains from Vienna to Bratislava depart from Wien Sudbanhof at frequent regular intervals, arriving in Bratislava Main Train Station or Bratislava Petrzalka. Both stations are close to the downtown, easily accessible by public transport or taxi. The train ride lasts about an hour. You can search the Vienna - Bratislava train schedule here

International buses

Buses from Vienna Airport to destinations in Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic are summarised here

Vienna airport taxis

Vienna airport offer the airport taxis service. Use the taxi & limousine services for added convenience and flexibility.

  Airport Driver   +43-1-22822
  Airport Jet - Set Service   +43-1-7007-33141
  ATS Airport Transfer Service   +43-1-7007-35905
  C & K Airportservice   +43-1-44444   +43-1-330-15-05
  40100   +43-1-40100

If you are arriving at the Vienna airport and wish to arrange transfer to your hotel in Bratislava by a Slovak taxi (approximate prices 60 € per passenger car, 90 € per van) please see the contacts above.

Getting to the Bratislava centre from the Prague airport

You can travel from Prague to Bratislava by train, bus or even fly. While buses are somewhat quicker, the train is more comfortable. The distance between Prague and Bratislava is about 320 km or 200 miles.

Trains from Prague to Bratislava depart from the Main Train Station and from Nadrazi Holesovice station. During the day, they run at regular intervals of about two hours. The EuroCity trains are the fastest and most comfortable, although they carry a surcharge. The trip lasts from 3 hours 47 minutes (with the EuroCity Pendolino train) to about six hours on the slower trains. In Bratislava, the trains from Prague arrive at the Main Train Station, easily accessible from the city centre by public transport or taxi. You can find the Prague - Bratislava train schedule here Type in Praha and Bratislava, desired date and time of departure and hit Search twice.

Buses from Prague leave from the Florenc Bus Terminal. They run in fairly frequent intervals during the day (every three hours) but the last bus usually leaves at 4:30 pm. The trip takes about 4 hours and 40 minutes. You can find the Prague - Bratislava bus schedule here There are some buses operated by other bus companies at different times.

The Czech Airlines fly from Prague to Bratislava. The flight takes about 45 minutes.

Getting to the Bratislava centre from the Budapest airport

Usually, people travel from Budapest to Bratislava by train, in season hydrofoil service is also available. The cities are located some 250 km or 155 miles apart.

Trains from Budapest to Bratislava depart from the Nyugati Station, Keleti Station and stop at the Kelenfold Station. The trains from Nyugati take about 2 hours 20 minutes, others take about 3 hours. The EuroCity trains are the fastest and nicest, however they are more expensive.

The trains from Budapest arrive at the Bratislava Main Train Station, which is close to the city centre and easily accessible by public transport or taxi.

You can find the Budapest - Bratislava train schedule here Type in Budapest and Bratislava, desired date and time of departure and hit Search twice.


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