ENDE Workshop

This will be the 18th in a series of international workshops. Its aim is to bring together engineers and scientists from universities, research institutions and industry who are active in research, development and industrial applications of Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation.

Since the first ENDE workshop was held in London 1995, the workshops have contributed to the technical advances in various Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation methods through our competition and collaboration.

History of ENDE

  ENDE 1995 London, UK
  ENDE 1996 Tokyo, Japan
  ENDE 1997 Reggio Calabria, Italy
  ENDE 1998 Chatou, France
  ENDE 1999 Des Moines, United States
  ENDE 2000 Budapest, Hungary
  ENDE 2001 Kobe Japan
  ENDE 2002 Saarbrücken, Germany
  ENDE 2003 Paris, France
  ENDE 2004 East Lansing, United States
  ENDE 2006 Iwate, Japan
  ENDE 2007 Cardiff, United Kingdom
  ENDE 2008 Seoul, Korea
  ENDE 2009 Dayton, United States
  ENDE 2010 Szczecin, Poland
  ENDE 2011 Chennai, India
  ENDE 2012 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  ENDE 2013 Bratislava, Slovak Republic